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Our Purpose 


We develop and manufacture highly advanced medical devices, designed for the effective management of visual health. Our technology solutions are built for affordability and accessibility of both urban and rural patients.

Today, Forus Health is transforming into a digital healthcare solutions business by also providing integrated and intelligent technology modules, such as Cloud-based Digital Healthcare Platforms, to augment the efficiency of our medical systems.

Opthalmic Devices That Support Your Vision


The 3nethra classic is a compact, portable, and easy-to-use non-mydriatic digital imaging device. It is designed to acquire, display, store, and transmit images of the posterior and anterior surfaces of the human eye.

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The 3nethra neo is a compact, portable, and easy-to-use mydriatic wide-field digital imaging camera used for the photo documentation of ocular diseases that manifest in human eyes. 

The 3nethra flora is a mydriatic and non-contact device that captures FA images and posterior surface images of the human eye. It is capable of effectively imaging and monitoring a broad range of eye disorders.

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